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Last shipping news

Dear customers,
We would like to inform you that all pending orders from India will be sent as soon as US and Indian government ends the lockdown done to contain this pandemic.
All orders are being process as we always do but Indian Shipping Dept. was closed due the sanitary measures taken to contain this virus.
This ONLY affects orders sent from INDIA ( Tapentadol and Zopiclone) these orders will take a little more time to be send.
We are working hard to deliver items in a timely manner.

Now is the best time to buy from home and take advantage of coupon code: STAYATHOME and get 7% OFF in ALL our products!!

Regarding our services from Singapore. The government has extended the lockdown till June 1st and announced to further tighten the list of essential services.

Please note that due the limitation on man power and working hours there might be some inconveniences.
The government informed that if they deem a business non-essential they will formally ask the business to stop operations within 24 hours. Our team is very committed to manage whatever is possible within the given work hours and we hope for your understanding if things do not go as smooth as you are used to.

1) Send tracking numbers can take between 48-72 hours.
2) Tracking numbers are activated once packages are uplifted by airlines and this can take 4-8 working days or even more.
3) Delivery can take 20-45 days or even more depending the situation in destination countries.

Some of the frequently asked questions from our customers are:

1) Are you selling VIAGRA, CIALIS and all products listed in your website?
Yes! All those products are being processed in Singapore and we have no problems shipping from there.
Orders sent from Singapore are being normally delivered and after you buy we provide your tracking number within 48-72 hours.

2) Which products are exclusively shipped from India?
Right now affected products are only TAPENTADOL and ZOPICLONE. We have stock for these products but are affected by government lockdown and will be shipped as soon as DHL and postal service starts working again.

3) What should I do if I made an order for TAPENTADOL?
Well, if you need pain killer medicine now we recommend using SOMA (Carisoprodol) 350mg or 500mg. We can ship Soma from Singapore and provide your tracking number in 48-72 hours.

4) What should I do if I made an order for ZOPICLONE?
We are able to send ETIZOLAM from Singapore without any problem. This is an excellent quality product even more expensive than Zopiclone, but we will also send it so that you don’t have to wait more days and cover your need.

5) What can I do if I want to buy TRAMADOL?
Tramadol is banned at the moment and cannot be sold or purchased online. If an online pharmacy tells you they can send you Tramadol, they will ship you a substitute or a placebo, be very careful!
Our recommendation is to buy TAPENTADOL as it has same effect as TRAMADOL or SOMA 350 mg (which is milder than Tramadol) or SOMA 500 mg that works the same as TRAMADOL or TAPENTADOL 100 mgs.

TAPENTADOL or SOMA are excellent pain killers and we have plenty experience and guaranteed selling them for the last 8 years. Both without any problems and even less side effects. That is why we recommend it!

Right now , we can ship SOMA and have your tracking number in 48-72 hours!

Wish you and your families stay safe and healthy as we continue to work together and give quality support to all our appreciated customers.

Remember, we are here to help you!

Kim Green
Customer Service