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Online Pharmacy Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any doubts and questions about our online pharmacy store? Please see the topics below to find the answer for all your questions. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us online via telephone, skype or email. Welcome to our online pharmacy frequently asked questions section.

Some F.A.Q during Covid-19

Some of the frequently asked questions from our customers are: 1) Are you selling VIAGRA, CIALIS and all products listed in your website?Yes! All those products are being processed in Singapore and we have no problems shipping from there.Orders sent from Singapore are being normally delivered and after you buy we provide your tracking number

How to pay orders with Bitcoins

Dear Customers , With this post we would like to introduce you this new payment option where you can have additional discounts. Also, won’t have problems about what products you are buying, you can buy anything from the Internet without limitations and anonymously. What are bitcoins ? A type of digital currency in which encryption

How to use a Discount Coupon Code?

Once you get to the checkout page you will find a detailed description of your order, the total of the shopping cart and the form to complete the purchase. Next to the Invoice summary you will find a box called “Have a coupon code?” where you have to enter coupon code provided by us. Then,

How to track a Standard Shipping Tracking Number?

To locate a parcel sent by International Standard Airmail you need to call to your local USPS office, as the new tracking numbers provided by USPS for this type of shipment can not be tracked anymore using their website tool. Following this link you will easily find your nearest USPS carrier and their phone number.

How to find a local USPS post office?

If you want to find or call a local USPS office or you need information such as address or operation hours you can follow these easy steps: 1- Go to the USPS website: http://www.usps.com 2- In the header menu of their website you will find a link to “Quick Tools”. Click it and select “Find