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Warning for Tramadol customers

To all our Tramadol customers,

Due to new International regulations we have been warned about total prohibition to send Tramadol from Singapore as we were doing.

Sadly we have been notified right now, after we had started a new campaign with offers in Tramadol.

This new situation has been totally unexpected, and we are doing our best to notify our customers and prevent them for major problems. We are really sorry but this is beyond our jurisdiction, and we must respect this order.

One year ago Tramadol was forbidden only from India but today is also Singapore.

However, we will find a way to have Tramadol again in a safe way and keep our customers satisfied.

For our customer’s safety all pending orders will be replaced with Tapentadol because if we disobey this new law and ship Tramadol it can carry serious problems to all.

Also, we will add 100 free pills for the inconvenience and tracking numbers will be updated in the next few hours.

Customers can be sure Tapentadol is 100% secure , works faster than Tramadol, plus need to use less drug dosage to get the same effect and is cheaper.

Please, understand that this has been shocking for us, and we are doing our best to find a safety solution and provide our customers the best options we have.

Do not hesitate to contact us at email address : ebp@estemedia.com or call us at: +1 904 638 5180