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Why you should start using Bitcoin instead of Paypal or Credit Cards

Today we are going to explain you why you should use Bitcoins to pay at EasyBuyPharma, instead of the traditional methods like Paypal or Credit cards. But before let’s see what Bitcoin is and its main features.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency created in 2009. Since then, it has become more and more popular on the Internet, and now it is used widely to pay for online goods, products and services. It is abbreviated as BTC.

Some of its main features include that is cheaper than usual electronic methods, because the transfers are made between users. It’s also more secure, as it runs on a “person to person” network, which is entirely independent from any credit card or bank networks. And it is way faster than Paypal or Credit Cards, who often require company verifications and can have hours of delay after payment for service or product processing.

Why you should start using Bitcoin instead of Paypal or Credit cards?

Paypal and Credit Card payments are one of the most popular ways to pay for products and services over the internet, however, they are not adapted to the best modern standards when it comes to privacy, security, costs and speed.

Why do we prefer Bitcoins at EasyBuyPharma?

Let’s see why we prefer Bitcoins at EasyBuyPharma, and why you should start using it for all your Internet purchases from now on.

1. Anonymous payments

Bitcoins allows you to purchase anonymously from anywhere, any time. Your internet products and services purchased from the Internet will not appear in your credit card monthly statement. Your payments are 100% anonymous, in the end no one can track you because there are no banks or governments in the middle of the transactions.

2. Cheaper than credit card processors or Paypal fees

When paying your goods, products and services with Bitcoins you only pay what the product costs, you won’t have to pay commissions in Paypal, VISA Cards, American Express or Mastercard, the bitcoins are transferred without intermediaries, or when you use one, it’s way much cheaper than credit card processors and Paypal fees.

3. Better security

Transactions are secure and not related to personal or private customer data as it runs in thousand different servers at the same time. Bitcoin also uses a high level of encryption, to ensure your transaction is secure all the time.

How can I start paying with Bitcoins at EasyBuyPharma?

First step – Open a free account.

Follow this tutorial step by step:

Second Step: Transfer bitcoins from one user to another

While ordering from www.easybuypharma.com and choosing Bitcoin as your payment method, you will get our Bitcoin address, which must be used as shown in the tutorial below:


Do you have any questions regarding the Bitcoin payments? Contact us, we are always here to help.

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