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Important shipping information

Dear customers, 

We hope everyone is well and hanging on with this situation as best as possible.

As you might know, due new circumstances outside our company, DHL and postal service has suspended all shipments until March 31st.
This is an extraordinary situation due Sanitary emergency of the Covid-19, so extraordinary measures has been taken. 
Airlines have cancelled/suspended their flights as a precautionary measure with the outbreak of COVID-19. 
Hence, DHL and India Post may not be able to deliver on time the international orders as per standards mentioned.
To sum up, all orders are being processed as usual and keeping them ready to be shipped after April 1st.

Moreover, due new restrictions we are not able to ship Tapentadol for UK customers. 
However, all other products in our website can be deliver without problems. We know this can be difficult but is for your own safety and to avoid you serious legal problems. 

Please hope you can be comprehensive in this unusual time we are living. We know this will pass and we will be stronger together and soon we will remember this as a bad dream.

Please stay safe! 

Admin Dept.