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Very important announcement

Dear customers,
As most of you might know Tramadol has been suffering different type of prohibitions for the last 2 years.
However, we were always trying to provide it using different ways to ship it and always ensuring quality product and delivery.
Well, unfortunately from now on, Tramadol has been COMPLETELY banned for online selling or purchase and especially in the United States.
Buying or selling TRAMADOL online can carry serious problems with both local and international authorities.
Is imperative to all Tramadol customers to start changing it for the safest replacements which are TAPENTADOL or SOMA.
Tapentadol or Soma can be shipped without problems and it won’t be any risk with authorities.
For your own good we also recommend that you do not trust any website that tells you that can sell or ship you TRAMADOL because they would be scamming you or selling placebos.

In case this situation changes, an authorities allow it again ,we will be the first to let you know, you can be sure of that.
So, please for your own good and safety, change the consumption of Tramadol for Tapentadol (painkiller more efficient than tramadol) or Soma (muscle pain or muscle relaxant medicine), both are risk free and even cheaper.

Please, as always, feel free to contact us for any questions or if you need help.


EasyBuyPharma.com’s Admin Department.