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USPS website failures

Since last Friday 10/16/2015, the USPS website is giving failures like “USPS Tracking™ is unavailable for this product for <country>”, and many tracking numbers of packages sent thru “International Standard Airmail” are not being shown on their website.

This does not mean there is a problem with the packages sent by our company, or the tracking numbers are wrong. This is a problem that affect only the USPS website.

All deliveries are being conducted on time and the tracking numbers provided by us are correct.

We hope they solve this problem as soon as possible, but for now you cannot track your parcel using the USPS website.

If you want to know where is your parcel at the moment, we recommend you to call the local post office and ask for your parcel by phone. Giving telephonically the tracking number provided from us it will allow you to know where is your parcel at the moment.

Click here to find detailed information about how you can find the phone number of your local USPS post office.

Remember to call to the local office phone number and not to the “official” USPS number (800-ASK-USPS / 800-275-8777). If you call to the “official” number you will be attended by an automatic system and it will give you the same information available on their website. You need to call to a local phone number to be assisted by an employee because they are able to search personally your item status using the tracking number provided by us.

It does not matter if you call to an office that is not assigned to make your deliver. Any USPS carrier will be able to give information about your parcel.

Please, send any question regarding this issue or other matter to our email support@easybuypharma.com or contact us by phone (1-904-638-5180). You can also write us using the live chat in our website. We will be happy to assist you.